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12 Customer Review Statistics You Need to Know in 2021

Did you know that a staggering 93% of customers read a review online before going out to buy something? Well, according to a recent survey conducted by Podium, they certainly do so. Whether you manage someone else’s company or you own your own business, you surely know that most customers nowadays are quick to look […]

How To Get Customers To Leave Five-Star Reviews On Yelp!

Once upon a time, we used to take recommendations for a good restaurant from someone we trust like friends or family members.  In a similar fashion, we knew in advance which stores to avoid, where the price-quality ratio is the most optimal one, and where the service is top-notch.  Although word of mouth has remained […]

Should I pay For Google Clicks?

Should I pay for Google Clicks? Google is very popular and widely used by people to search for products and services. The site offers businesses various advertising solutions that help to increase online visibility. Apart from creating ads from your general Adwords account, you can also advertise your Google plus business page through Adwords Express […]

YouTube – Setup Channel

Basic Guide to Social Networking Websites – YouTubeDo you want to improve your brand visibility and credibility? Social media networks are the best places to introduce and grow your brand. When thinking of social media, you can’t underestimate the power of YouTube. It’s the largest video sharing platform in the world with millions of views […]

Instagram – Setup Account

How to set up an Instagram account and learn how to build more credibility and customers?Since Instagram was launched in 2010, the popularity of this social media platform has been increasing at a rapid pace. Now, the number of people on Instagram each month has crossed 300 million and the recent trends indicate that it […]

How to Setup a Yelp Account

How to setup a Yelp! Account written by Yelp is a local search website, user review and social networking site. The site helps people locate businesses around them such as shops, restaurants, relaxation spots and more. People choose products or services of a particular business based on opinions of the community. For business people, […]